DribbleShield Soccer Training

DribbleShield Soccer Training

Dribble Shield Sports LLC
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The DribbleShield helps young players lift their head up and look around without worrying where the ball is at your feet. DribbleShield is what youth soccer players in America need in order to reach the next level in soccer. By training with the DribbleShield, players will attain one of the most essential tools needed in the game today, VISION!

Getting Started with DribbleShield:

    Familiarize yourself with the way the DribbleShield fits. The fit should be snug. Your first objective is to get comfortable with the idea of movement without being able to see your feet.

    Step two, start with touches on the ball. Get a feel for the ball at your feet without being able to see it.

    Step three, movement with the ball. Set up a simple dribbling drill, keeping the ball close to your feet.

    Step four, once you have mastered keeping the ball at your feet, move on to more advanced drills of passing and receiving the ball.